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Bicycle Wheel "Spinners" (Whirlygigs)


A new product in 2016, our Bicycle Wheel Spinners use recycled front or rear bicycle wheels as a garden-enhancing element, adding creativity and a dash of whimsy to your outdoor area.  We install stained glass between the wheel's spokes, using metal came and tin solder to hold the glass in place. We take steps to balance the wheel, just like balancing care tires, in order to eliminate "heavy spots" and enabling the wheel to spin more readily in a light breeze.  We mount the wheel in a copper frame.  

We figure a Bicycle Wheel is designed to spin.  They utilize engineered bearings, greased to maintain their lubrication. The wheels are obviously designed to be outdoors--they're weatherproof, and hold up exposure easily. Since our wheels are repurposed, they will show the wear from their previous life... Some show signs of superficial rust, others have minor dents or are somewhat "out of true". These characteristics add to this item;s charm.

​Please take a look at the images and movie clips below to get an  idea about this product.

We can custom build a Spinner to your color and size preferences. Spinner size is based on the number of glass pieces mounted in the wheel, as well as a few additional details (such as rim color. Colors are on an "as available" basis).