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Olive Oil Lamps and Vases


Olive Oil Lamps  are beautiful draped glass vessels that are designed to burn a simple wick and fuel of household Olive Oil.  Essential Oils (scented fragrances) can be added to the Olive Oil to fill your home with delightful fragrances. The vessels can be used for whatever you choose, from a vase containing flowers, to pencil holders, to paper clip and rubber band containers.

See the bottom of the page for instructions explaining how to start your Olive Oil Lamp.

Preparing your Olive Oil Lamp


Enclosed with the lamp is a wick holder and wick.  We have also enclosed extra wicks for your convenience.  New wicks can be made easily with cotton balls or cotton facial pads, simply form into a tear drop shape.


  1. Fill with one inch of household olive oil.  Do not use other types of oil as this can result in the oil catching on fire. Add Essential Oils if desired.
  2. Saturate the cotton wick in the Olive Oil, then gently squeeze out the excess oil so that the wick will light more readily.
  3. Thread the cotton wick through the metal Wick frame.
  4. Light the wick.  The wick may smoke a bit at first, but that will quickly stop.
  5. Enjoy.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to call me at  (214) 295 8579 or email: Linda@JLGlass.biz.   We hope that you enjoy your purchase.  

Safety:  Although your olive oil lamp will automatically go out if accidently dumped over or spilled, remember to never leave a candle or the lamp unattended.